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Commercial & Residential LED Lighting.

Our Mission:

  • Reduce New Zealand's CO₂ emissions.

  • Replace and retrofit commercial, retail, industrial and residential buildings with the latest LED technology.

  • Helping Businesses and home owners lower their maintenance and running costs.

  • We provide heating, cooling and insulation for residential premises.

  • Reducing potential fire risks.

100% KIWI-Owned Energy Efficient LED Lighting Company

NZ's Energy Saving Extraordinaires.

100% KIWI-Owned Energy Efficient LED Lighting Company


We have one of the largest LED lighting catalogs in New Zealand, and we provide heating, cooling, and insulation solutions.

Our consultants listen to your needs and wants, and offer the right solution for you.

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Commercial Lighting



Our commercial LED lighting solutions make your business or commercial property efficient and easier to run.

Residential Lighting

Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners





We assess for potential fire risk (Insulation too close to old downlights), calculate your estimated savings and find the right product to suit your home.







We are experts in selecting the right heating or cooling solution for your home. We aim to keep your family warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and save money on your power bill. 




Energy-Efficient Insulation


We can assess your home or rental property for insulation and can provide a top-up solution with either Greenstuff Insulation or Pinkbatts.  

Click the image to discover the benefits of a new insulation blanket.

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