Spending one night in a cold bedroom can make you sick for the next two weeks.

Spending an entire winter in a cold bedroom can cause you and your family to develop asthma, a lifelong condition.



In New Zealand, heating can cause our power bills to double in the winter time. This is because our houses are inadequately insulated. If you think your insulation might be lacking, click here to find out more.


Even if your insulation is top-notch, you might still be suffering from inefficient space heaters. They'll eventually warm a small room, but have no way of regulating their own temperatures. If you want all-night warmth, you need to leave it on all night, murdering your power bill.

They also have a tendency to leak.


To adequately heat one bedroom for one winter using an oil-fin heater will cost you $546.



Unflued LPG heaters, or cabinet heaters, are even worse. There are dangers to using one in your house. They release Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide gas. If you use one of these heaters, it's imperative to keep a window open for ventilation. This defeats the purpose of heating the room in the first place.

To adequately heat one room for an entire winter using an LPG heater will cost you $819.

Also, they're banned in Australia.

Traditional forms of heating can take up to 30 minutes to warm up. And they can be fire hazards.


You could keep using your heater, but since New Zealand power prices are only going up, you can expect to pay much more in the future. Make your home more energy efficient, so you're not as dependent on increasingly-expensive electricity.


Use a heat pump

Heat pumps are a great option for heating a large living space such as a living room, or open-plan area. They are one of the most energy-efficient ways to create heat in a home-- to adequately heat one room for one winter using a heat pump only costs you about $215.

Plus, it can cool you down in the summer time as well, so you're nice and temperate all year round!


What does it cost?

There are too many variables involved to tell you the cost of installing a heat pump over the internet. We sell them supply-only on The Lighting Shop, but we'd have to conduct an in-home assessment to tell you what size you need, and what the installation would cost.

Click here to book an in-home Energy Saving Assessment, and spec your home for a heat pump.