What's the risk?

Down lights and Fire Risk


Every year in New Zealand, there are almost 5,000 house fires¹.

Fire can be caused by insulation covering your down lights.





It's more common than you think: take a look at some of the unsafe down lights we've encountered: 


The New Zealand Building Code requires insulation to be pulled away from all old, non-rated down lights². If you want to be fire safe, you have to live with massive gaps in your insulation. This will make your summers hot, your winters freezing, and your family sick.

Because our homes are so bad at retaining heat, New Zealand has one of the highest hospital admissions rates for asthma in OECD countries³.


What can be done?



One way to overcome this problem is to remove all down lights, re-gib over the holes, plaster and sand the spots, repaint the ceiling, install pendant lights, and reinstate the missing insulation.

Here's a breakdown of what you'd expect to pay for this method:





Pricey, right?




Don't worry, there's a better way...

Meet the DES Down Lights


These LED down lights are designed to retrofit into your existing down light holes... No re-gibbing, re-plastering, sanding, painting, or re-installation required.


Do you have a unique colour scheme in your home? We have down lights in any colour you want. Do you have down lights with large holes? Square down lights? Eyeball down lights? No matter what you have, we have the solution.


Have dimmer switches? Great! Our lights work with almost all dimmer switches.



The colour of light comes in your choice of Warm White or Cool White. But if you can't decide...










Experience the SmartLight, a Down light that can change between Warm and Cool at the touch of a button!



Our lights are IC-4 rated, meaning you can cover them with insulation and fill the gaping holes in your insulation blanket. The lights will only ever reach 50 degrees celsius, eliminating any potential fire risk!

By covering the insulation gaps, you'll save money on your power bill. Plus, these lights use 10-12 watts of power. More savings for you!

What does it cost?

Every home is different, so we can't diagnose what your house from a webpage. This is why we have the In-Home Energy Saving Assessment, to provide you with the necessary information, and show you what the potential savings can be.

Click here to book an In-Home Energy Saving Assessment, to find out what DES can do about your home lighting.